Rats & sewers

after a hard days work they all went to the phoenix inn

outside their was a cruffule and it seems like a Giant rat has stolen baby Tobias from his mother who is on the ground wounded

the rat went into the sewers

the party gave chase through a confusing twisty turny lots of ways to go sewer system


even running into a black ooze which they closed a door on after shooting it

following the tracks the were attacked by smaller rats

taking a few bits they manage to smash them

followed the tracks more and more small rats come at them at the end of a bridge one of these rats looked desised hair loss crazy eyes

it bit (sylvia's) guy

they smash them as well

continue following the drag marks

they follow the drag marks

and they come to a larger room


they find a goblin a the giant rat and another smaller desised rat. the goblin yells at the rats to attack and yells at them to get outta my house

they proceed to attack

they knock off the giant rat first

but then the goblin nailed sylvia's char and she went unconscious

they killed the smaller rat

and then focused on the goblin

all the while they hear a clang clang clang coming towards them

they take out the goblin check on the baby

the clang gets to them and its a gnome cleric who was sent down to help save the baby

she heals sylvia

collects the baby and says lets get out of here

they make their way out

and the patrons of the Pheonix inn cheered them on

they got free dinner and drinks

they all went back to their homes

but what they forgot was slyvia was bitten

she awakes early to much stomach pains

she is able to drag herself out of her house but collapses just out the door

luckily the ranger being an elf who doesn't sleep much decided to go for an early morning jog and found sylvia lying their

took him to a father Tristan who wanted a small donation to heal the desisease

instead they try to bargon with him and not pay much donation insulting him in the process

he tells them to go to the apothecary and get help their

upon coming to the apothecary he says he can cure it but does not have the necessary ingredients with him

the door opens and baby Tobias mother walks in with a sick baby saying he was bitten and is now sick

another man stumbles in as well saying he was also bitten in the night and is feeling very ill

it seems like the plague is spreading

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